Been a while since I’ve put in a bird report for Mt. Hamilton, but I’ve been really busy and spent some time out of town. Luckily, this week the weather has been nice and I’ve been able to spend some time bird watching again.

Mostly, I’ve been seeing the regular visitors to my feeder and yard over
the past week. Daily I’ve been seeing:

4-6 Western Bluebirds
1-3 Steller’s Jays
3-6 Scrub Jays
2 White-breasted Nuthatches
4-8 House Finches
2-5 Lesser Goldfinches
1-3 Band-tailed Pigeon
2-3 Oak Titmice
6-30 Dark-eyed Juncos
0-4 Golden-crowned Sparrows
1-4 Acorn Woodpeckers
1 Pine Siskin (until today, when a second one appeared)
1 Downy Woodpecker (seen a few days ago – they are not regular visitors
to Rattlesnake Ridge, though seen more often elsewhere on Mt. Ham.)

Now I also have an unexpected visitor to my feeder yesterday and the day before: a European Goldfinch. This pretty little bird was first seen on Mt. Hamilton last spring and was last seen during early summer. It is most likely
the same bird that probably escaped from somewhere down in San Jose. I’m impressed that he has survived so long. I’m going to keep an eye out for him because I think it likely he will be a reasonably frequent visitor to my feeder for the time being.