April 2006

04.19.2006 11:35Lick Observatory, Wildlife

Today the weather is sunny and warmer and the birds are flocking to my feeders. In addition to the
regular birds, I had a pair of Black-headed Grosbeaks finally arrive. As well as the return of the
European Goldfinch. No signs of Pine Siskins today, but I’m sure they will return soon.

Birds today:
Black-headed Grosbeaks
European Goldfinch
Lesser Goldfinchs
House Finchs
Acorn Woodpeckers
Mourning Doves
Band-tailed Pigeon
Scrub Jays
California Towhee
Dark-eyed Junco
Golden-crowned Sparrow

Few days ago I had a Spotted Towhee, that I forgot to note before now.

04.14.2006 13:36Lick Observatory, Wildlife

I’ve been busy (I’ve been promoted to Acting Director of Operations at Lick Observatory since my
colleague Rem Stone retired), so haven’t been putting any bird updates on-line. However, I haven’t
been seeing anything out of the ordinary either in the past few months.

The last sighting of the European Goldfinch was on February 12th, along with the pine siskins.

Today though, the weather warmed up and temporarily cleared and I had a single pine siskin at
my thistle feeder (along with 3 lesser goldfinches). Keith and Lotus reported the first male
black-headed grosbeak at their feeder a few days ago, though I haven’t seen any at my house yet.