This week I’ve seen the largest flock of wild turkeys I’ve ever seen, right by the entrance to Grant Ranch. Usually flocks of turkeys are around 10 to 20 birds. This week there have been
about 50 (I haven’t stopped to count, but it is an astonishingly large group). Yesterday on
my drive down to San Jose I saw the huge groups of turkeys and some of them were crossing the road. I noticed that one was particularly small compared to the rest and then realized it wasn’t a turkey, but a peahen! Now this is one confused feral bird, to be hanging out with turkeys. I wonder where the peahen escaped from? Or was it dumped at Grant Ranch, like so many unwanted dogs and cats are?

Too bad Grant Park isn’t in the Mt. Hamilton Christmas Bird Count area, because that peahen would have been a nice (albeit odd) bird to add for count week. CBC on Mt. Hamilton will be Jan 2nd, and I’m very much looking forward to hiking the mule trail here in search of any birds I can see.