The Tour of California bike race added Mount Hamilton to its tour route this year, thus Wednesday work pretty much stopped at Lick Observatory so we could all watch the top bicyclists in the world ride through the Observatory.

I wanted to get some photos of the tour as they pass through the Observatory and chose a spot where I could get a telescope dome in the background. The the fog and dreary weather, there were few options, so I used the APF telescope dome for the background.

The first riders to make it up the steep climb to the top of Mount Hamilton are in the
photo and video (taken by my colleague Kostas with my little pocket camera while I took still photos) below. It was amazing to see how the climb up the mountain had broken up the peloton into a few groups.

Tour Of California Race

Video Tour Of California Race
(click image to get the video – I suspect there is some slicker way of doing this in a blog, but I haven’t taken the time to figure it out).